Mistress of My Domain


Archivally, I intended this site to be about:

Thoughts on using all facets of the Internet effectively, growing your web site, doing business from Canada, and being a businesswoman.
...but, currently, as a "temporary visitor" to the States I'm not supposed to be doing any business at all. This is not to say that one could not think or write about such things, but the practical experience of it is more lacking than it has ever been. (๑´ㅂ`๑ )

For now, in any case, I think this site will be primarily a web tech blog. As one might expect from the domain name, there is a vague feminist bent to the proceedings purely because that is the perspective of the author, but as I am not out in the workplace I encounter no Damores or similar. But, as described below, I was very peripherally involved with an important feminist issue and it falls to me to keep the candle burning...

Montréal Massacre Memorial

Back in 1996, full of vim and vigor, Lisa Voisin and I decided to start the Canadian Women's Internet Association. We soon had a dedicated core of collaborators and did good things™, but this was a volunteer effort and things gradually fell apart. In 2004, reluctantly, I retired the herplace.org domain where the CWIA's efforts had lived as it had not been maintained for many years and I could not foresee a time when I would be able to once again take up the cause with the amount of focus and dedication it would require.

There is, however, one thing that the CWIA created that is of lasting value and importance and that is the Candlelight Vigil Across the Internet. As December 6th approaches, I wanted to make sure that these pages were publicly available and not just mouldering on my hard drive.

The original Candian Women's Internet Association is long gone and the original domain name (women.ca) currently (2019) redirects to Twitter. I choose to keep the pages up for historical record if nothing else. I have not, however, updated the outbound links which may not work or now point to totally random things. Nor have I cleaned up the formatting.

Unless and until any of the original authors decide to remove, amend, or reformat their contributions, the candlelight vigil continues.

Remember. Reflect. Teach your sons and daughters well. Make the world a better place.