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Violence Against Women

December 6th has unfortunately become an historical day in Canadian history. It is a day people interested in justice, peace and humanity will never forget. Although we must remember and honour those who died, remembering is not enough. We must also educate to promote change.

Contained on this site are some very powerful articles about violence against women. Each article reminds us that the events that took place in Montreal in 1989 were not unique. Violence against women is far too common, and those who make the headlines are not the only perpetrators.

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Women, Violence and the Montreal Massacre - by Lee Lakeman
A Rule of Thumb - by Yasmin Jiwani
Take Back the Night - by Bonnie Agnew
Violence is About Power - by Yasmin Jiwani
Blinking is Blindness - by Larry Jackson
Women and Children Murdered in Quebec Since the Montreal Massacre - Martin Dufresne
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Some December 6th Events

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