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Drupal Comment Notification Automation

So, I read this post on the OS Training website showing how to set up an automatic notification of comments on Drupal blogs which was pretty close to exactly what I wanted. I’m constantly getting blog comments but 99.9999% are spam. I long ago turned off unmoderated commenting. I can almost turn off commenting altogether, but that’s not what I want. Sadly, even CAPTCHA does not eliminate the dedicated spammers. So, I ignore my blog comments moderation queue for months at at time because it’s an obnoxious chore to dig through it for the possibility of a real comment.

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Blog software

So, I read the reviews, the comparisons, and the recommendations and in the end decided to go with Drupal for my blog software. Joomla was a strong contender for a while, but I was persuaded by the promised flexibility and power that Drupal is said to have. Had I posted this closer to the time that I was making these decisions, I would have included links to those persuasive documents, but at this point, not so much. If I went back and researched those links again for y’all, I’d never get any forward progress. You understand. 8)

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