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Actually Static Comments

Many and varied are the ways to add comments to your static website. Most of them involve subscribing to services which, if you're running your own domain on your own server, might strike you as the wrong solution. "But," you might say, "if I want to have a comment system on my own site, it would not be static anymore. CGi's are so '90s and who needs the attack vector?"

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Drupal Comment Notification Automation

So, I read this post on the OS Training website showing how to set up an automatic notification of comments on Drupal blogs which was pretty close to exactly what I wanted. I’m constantly getting blog comments but 99.9999% are spam. I long ago turned off unmoderated commenting. I can almost turn off commenting altogether, but that’s not what I want. Sadly, even CAPTCHA does not eliminate the dedicated spammers. So, I ignore my blog comments moderation queue for months at at time because it’s an obnoxious chore to dig through it for the possibility of a real comment.

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