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The Great Blog Reorg

For those that care (and I'm sure that there are very few!), as I Jekyll-ize my blogs, I am thinking about their raisons d'ĂȘtre and occasionally making adjustments. One of those adjustments is to move the non-tech stuff from here at MoMD to arghC, and consolidating the tech stuff that was there over to MoMD. So, if you remember there being something here (!!!) that was non-tech-ish that you want to see again, look there.

Jekyll: How to generate new Tags on the fly

My site has many snippets of different languages, and I wanted to tag them for CSS purposes among other possible useful things marking them might make possible. One problem with that is I am still searching out the "correct" labelling, so using mutable tags would be easier to remember as well as change later.... Read more

Jekyll: How to write an Include function

Getting Jekyll running was a little bit of a kerfuffle since I needed to update Ruby, but then Jekyll couldn't find the right version. Eventually this was resolved and I got Jekyll's out of the box test site up and running. The fact that Jekyll has a test server that runs on your development machine is very convenient, even if it doesn't run server side includes and the like. Read more

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