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Hacking Emacs for Jekyll Stuff

I am very fortunate that my sweetie can hack Emacs for me. Oh, sure, I could learn elisp and do it for myself, but the time it would take to level up my proficiency... I take the easy way out. (๑´ㅂ`๑ )

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Importing Drupal blogs to Jekyll

I had about 5 Drupal blogs that I wanted to export to Jekyll. Most of them were a mix of blog and HTML website, although the biggest one also used Drupal to generate some info pages, like the About page. They ranged from 1-200 posts. Of course, the biggest blog had comments. Obviously, I started with the smallest blogs and worked my way up.

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The Great Blog Reorg

For those that care (and I'm sure that there are very few!), as I Jekyll-ize my blogs, I am thinking about their raisons d'être and occasionally making adjustments. One of those adjustments is to move the non-tech stuff from here at MoMD to arghC, and consolidating the tech stuff that was there over to MoMD. So, if you remember there being something here (!!!) that was non-tech-ish that you want to see again, look there.

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