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Out with Drupal, in with Jekyll

So, after getting my second Drupal critical attack warning in 5 years (or so), I thought: enough’s enough. This CMS stuff is too big a hacker target and too fragile. Time to replace Drupal with something like Blosxom or something else lightweight and small. A little bit of research showed that the new thing was static site generators, where a suite of tools help you generate your site (and help manage the blogginess) on your development platform (aka. home computer) then push the changes out to the web server, all as static pages. The fact that all the points on this devil’s advocate list of why not use a static site generator all sounded good to me meant I was on the right track.

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Drupal Comment Notification Automation

So, I read this post on the OS Training website showing how to set up an automatic notification of comments on Drupal blogs which was pretty close to exactly what I wanted. I’m constantly getting blog comments but 99.9999% are spam. I long ago turned off unmoderated commenting. I can almost turn off commenting altogether, but that’s not what I want. Sadly, even CAPTCHA does not eliminate the dedicated spammers. So, I ignore my blog comments moderation queue for months at at time because it’s an obnoxious chore to dig through it for the possibility of a real comment.

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Scribefire Pasted Image Experiment

So, if you were going to drag and drop an image, how does it work then, and do you end up with a whole bunch of images with the same name overwritting each other?  Let’s see…

Hmm, numbered generic file names, excellent SEO.

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