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Drupal Comment Notification Automation

So, I read this post on the OS Training website showing how to set up an automatic notification of comments on Drupal blogs which was pretty close to exactly what I wanted. I’m constantly getting blog comments but 99.9999% are spam. I long ago turned off unmoderated commenting. I can almost turn off commenting altogether, but that’s not what I want. Sadly, even CAPTCHA does not eliminate the dedicated spammers. So, I ignore my blog comments moderation queue for months at at time because it’s an obnoxious chore to dig through it for the possibility of a real comment.

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Scribefire Pasted Image Experiment

So, if you were going to drag and drop an image, how does it work then, and do you end up with a whole bunch of images with the same name overwritting each other?  Let’s see…

Hmm, numbered generic file names, excellent SEO.

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